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What is payroll slippage?

It's the average difference between the amount of payroll an organization was planned to pay vs. the amount of payroll they actually paid.

Is slippage driving you crazy?

Custom enterprise development

Organizations with complex region-specific or industry-specific features can invest in their own white label version of the solution so that it meets the exact operational requirements of the organization.

Main reasons why leadership often chooses WorkAxle over the competition

Tighter Labour Costs
WorkAxle lets workforce management leadership empower location managers to build perfect shift schedules that don't conflict with labor cost targets.
Much Less Human Error
Once onboarded, it is almost impossible for managers to make errors when assigning employees to shifts and approving timecards. A log of every action taken in the system is present to increase operational transparency.
Simpler to Use and Configure
Even for the most complex custom use cases, WorkAxle can be up and running in an organization with over 10,000 employees in less than 6 months. It also costs less and takes less time to onboard new managers to the platform and train them how to use it. Older solutions are not as user-friendly.
Fosters a Reduction in Turnover
Employees who are given flexible work schedule policies tend to stay longer at the same company. Seeing as turnover rates are significant cost drivers to large employers, high turnover can place financial strain it places on the recruitment department. Large hiring campaigns can be much more expensive than the solution itself, sometimes ranging in the millions of dollars.
Fosters an Increase in Employee Engagement
By having a simple app for employees to view their schedule, chat with colleagues, or stay up to date on the latest announcements, WorkAxle increase team synergies at the per location level.
Automate The Timecard Approval Process
Companies with over 1,000 employees allocate resources to ensure that timecards are being properly approved. These resources comb through hundreds or thousands of timecards and manually approving each one. WorkAxle allows managers to build custom rules to auto-approve timecards at scale across the entire organization. Some customers get an instant ROI from this feature alone.

What's included?

  • Web, iPhone, iPad, Android apps
  • 24/7/365 global support
  • Unlimited messaging
  • API access
  • And more...

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